ORPHAN Nowadays you have rigging plug-ins like RubberHose and Joystick 'n Sliders to help make your characters come to life in After Effects. Curious on how difficult it would be to make a facial rig with only the standard AE tools, I set out to make a rigging setup for a 3D looking head/face. OVERVIEW… Read More

Future Planet

FUTURE PLANET Future Planet is one of Zoomin.TV its new publishing themes. As graduation assignment for my bachelor study, Art & Technology, I was tasked to design the look and feel for this theme. This particular animation is designed as end board for every Future Planet edit, but was unfortunately rejected later on in the… Read More

Food Fun

FOOD FUN A showreel created to depict the delicious food photography of Studio Aico. Agency Wenneker Client Studio Aico Read More

Gif or Jif?

GIF OR JIF? A series of fun little gifs in which I'm exploring different animation techniques. This is one of the first in it's early stages of development. Client Self Read More


ROOAR Bust out a ROOAR is a experimental concept piece of a humanoid. Whereby a woman is transformed into a lioness. To add an extra layer to this piece I decided to animate the letters to some fitting music. One version being inspired by cartoons and the other by a music equalizer. Client Self Read More

Info + Graphics

INFO + GRAPHICS These animations were made during my internship at Zoomin.TV, where I was part of the graphics team. Two of these animations were made per week, with a time limit of 2 days. Scripts and voice-overs were provided by Zoomin.TV Agency Zoomin.TV Client Zoomin.TV Read More