Wild Growth

WILD GROWTH All things have a right to grow. In the sense that all living beings, but also all ideas have a right to sprout and flower. This compositing piece is a tribute to that. Client Self Read More

Fix It In Post

FIX IT IN POST During my time at Wenneker I've worked on multiple compositing projects whereby I had to either add, remove or reconstruct things within filmed footage. OVERVIEW Philips 5000 Series While filming for the Philips 5000 Series, they filmed a man walking towards a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The shot was done… Read More

Future Planet

FUTURE PLANET Future Planet is one of Zoomin.TV its new publishing themes. As graduation assignment for my bachelor study, Art & Technology, I was tasked to design the look and feel for this theme. This particular animation is designed as end board for every Future Planet edit, but was unfortunately rejected later on in the… Read More


ROOAR Bust out a ROOAR is a experimental concept piece of a humanoid. Whereby a woman is transformed into a lioness. To add an extra layer to this piece I decided to animate the letters to some fitting music. One version being inspired by cartoons and the other by a music equalizer. Client Self Read More

Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice A fun compositing piece created for Christmas 2018. Can you spot who has been naughty or nice? Client Self Read More