During my time at Wenneker I’ve worked on multiple compositing projects whereby I had to either add, remove or reconstruct things within filmed footage.


Philips 5000 Series

While filming for the Philips 5000 Series, they filmed a man walking towards a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The shot was done 6 times, while in every shot the man would wear different clothing, to simulate the “habit” of getting the same (perfect) coffee ever single day. However, this was done without a rail for the camera, resulting in the shots all having a slightly different pathing. To fix this for the upcoming product video, I took apart these 6 shots and merged them together to look like 1 smooth and stable scene.

RTL Barbershop

Barbershop was a corporate/press event for RTL whereby the storyline plays out in a barbershop. During the shoot they had to work with several mirrors which were part of the scene, and in a few occasions the reflection of camera and/or crew was accidentally captured while filming. It was my job to fix these little accidents.

Philips / RTL